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Sarracenia are considered easy to grow and are widely propagated and cultivated by gardeners and carnivorous plant enthusiasts. Several hybrids between the very hardy S. purpurea and showy varieties like S. leucophylla are becoming common in garden centers in North America and Europe.

Sarracenia need very bright light direct sun is preferred.  Sarracenia will grow great out doors for the summer just about anywhere in the USA.  Window sill growing is also a good choice as long the the window receives enough light.  Sarracenia require constantly moist-wet, nutrient free acidic soil. This is most often achieved with a potting mix consisting of peat moss mixed with sand or perlite. As their roots are sensitive to nutrients and minerals, only pure water, such as distilled, rain, or RO water, can be used to water them. Sarracenia prefer sunny conditions during their growing season but require a dormancy period, with decreased light and temperatures, of a few months in the winter.


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