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Please email me for the most up to date seed list.
D. muscipula A #2 Clone Henning
D. muscipula ‘Burbank’s Best’
D. muscipula ‘clumping cultivar’
D. muscipula “Giant” from BestCP
D. muscipula ‘Red Dragon’ x Jaws
D. muscipula ‘Big Mouth’
D. burmannii Beerwah, QLD
D. capensis
D. intermedia “Carolina Giant”
D. nidiformis
D. spatulata
D. sp Cuba 2
D. sp Jacoby
D. pumilla
S. purpurea ssp. Purpurea
S. purpurea ssp. venosa Burkii
S. purpurea ssp. venosa var. Chipola
S. ‘Dixie Lace’
S. alata x minor


How to order

Each pack of seed is $2.00 for Colorado Members and $4 for USA members.  There is a maximum of 4 pack of seed every 4 months.  Shipping is $3.00 for up to 4 packs of seed.  Email me with a list of the seeds you would like and I will check to make sure we still have them in stock.



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