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Wild Darlingtonia californica and Pings


When I was at California Carnivores I told Peter that I was headed up the coast to Oregon.  I asked if there were any good wild Darlingtonia sites on the way.  He gave me this great site only about 50 feet from the highway.  He also told me where to see hundreds of wild Pings.

21 photos


Wild S. purpurea


One of the field trips at the ICPS was visiting 3 wild S. purpurea bogs.  It was so amazing to see thousands of them growing together in the wild.

103 Photos


Wild Nepenthes in Sumatra

One of our members, Rich Ellis went on a tour to Sumatra with Charles Clarke in summer of 2004.  He graciously agreed to let us use these photos on this site. I believe the photos were taken with a Nikon D70.

Page #1

Page #2

114 Photos


Wild Nepenthes in Borneo

Rich Ellis went on a tour to Borneo  with Charles Clarke in summer of 2005.  He graciously agreed to let us use these photos. I have seen lots of wild Nepenthes photos and I have to say these are hands down the best on the net.  I believe the photos were taken with a Nikon D70.

Page #1

Page #2

104 Photos





56 Photos

2007 Nepenthes Summit and display booths


Bako National Park

Bako N. rafflesiana

40 Photos

 N. rafflesiana N. gracilis N. ampullaria N. albomarginata N. hirsuta N. reinwardtiana


Bau and Serian

Bau Nepenthes northiana

42 Photos

N. northiana N. mirabilis N. gracilis N. bicalcarata N. ampullaria N. northiana x mirabilis N. gracilis x mirabilis N. northiana x gracilis


Miri Roadside

Miri roadside Nepenthes mirabilis var. echinostoma

18 Photos

N. mirabilis var. echinostoma N. gracilis


Lambir Hills

Lambir Hills Nepenthes hispida

7 Photo

N. hispida N. albomarginata


Mulu Headquarters

Mulu Nepenthes ampullaria

56 Photos

N. campanulata N. ampullaria



Mulu Gunung Api The Pinnacles

Pinnacles Nepenthes faizaliana

38 Photos

N. veitchii N. vogelii N. tentaculata N. faizaliana


Mulu Headhunter's Trail

Headhunter's trai _Mulu Nepenthes ampullaria

24 Photos

N. bicalcarata N. ampullaria



Gunung Murud Logging Road

Gunung Murud logging road Nepenthes stenophylla

22 Photos

N. fusca N. stenophylla N. reinwardtiana



Gunung Murud

Murud Nepenthes lowii

156 Photos 

N. hurrelliana N. tentaculata N. lowii N. murudensis N. muluensis



Kelabit Highlands on the way back to Lawas

Kelabit Highlands N. vogelii

47 Photos

Nepenthes vogelii


Mount Kinabalu

Kinabalu Mesilau Nepenthes rajah

237 photos

Nepenthes rajah N. villosa N. Alisaputrana N. burbidgeae N. fusca N. kinabaluensis N. harryana N. tentaculata