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About Us

My name is Jeremiah Harris I have been growing carnivorous plants (CP) since 1992. I now grow hundreds of different carnivorous plants of nearly every genus. My favorite genus of CPs are Nepenthes, also called tropical pitcher plants. I grow my plants in three greenhouses, one is 20' x 50' another is 8' x 12' and the other is 8' x 16, I also have a 4' greenhouse window, a freezer converted to an ultra-highland grow chamber, a lowland grow chamber and a few terrariums. Some of the hardier CP I move outside for the summer.

I partnered with Leilani Nepenthes to sell some of the most spectacular Nepenthes to the public. All plants ordered from http://www.leilaninepenthes.com/ are shipped direct from me in Colorado.

Jeremiah and his prized N. rajah.
Jeremiah on Mt Murud with a N. lowii