N. alata 'boschiana mimic'

2500F- 7800F a.s.l.

Growing temperature:
This plant is very tolerant of a wide range of temperature because of the elevations it is found at.  When buying a N. alata make sure to find out where it is a highland or lowland form.  A good temperature to grow the plant at if it is a unknown form is 75F in the day and 60F at night this temperature would also work well for the highland form if it is a lowland raise the temperature a small amount.

Very bright light.  I keep mine in diffused but very bright light for at least 8 hours a day.

Again this plant is very tolerant of a wide soils.  I would use a soil base of about 70% to 80% of sphagnum  moss with perlite, pumas with a little orchid bark thrown in for good measures.

Pitcher size:
The N. alata 'boschiana mimic' form seems to top out at about 6 to 9 inches.  I have seen some forms of N. alata get well over a foot.


All Nepenthes love high humidity but that dose not necessarily mean some can't be acclimated to a less humid environment given a little time.  For best growth keep the humidity above 65% higher is better as long as the light is keep high (If one has 100% humidity all the time and the light is very low it could very quickly rot ones plant)

It is best to use a water with a very low ppm (Parts Per Million) of dissolved solids anything below 70 ppm would be fine to use on most CPs. Never let the plant dry out water every few days for best growth.  Most Nepenthes will not tolerate standing in water (they may grow but will defiantly not look their best)!


Photo by Jeremiah Harris, Plant grown by Jeremiah Harris.